Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send my in device?

CELLTRADEin will email you a pre-paid shipping label so you don't have to pay for shipping! Simply print the label, attach it to the box, and send us your phones. We are a Chicago, IL based company, with offices throughout the midwest.

How long do I have to send my device?

CELLTRADEin gives you 48 hours to drop your package off at the post office. The price of the device may change and it will never increase. If you ship your package after two days of receiving our offer, your device may not be worth as much.

What about my personal data and pictures?

CELLTRADEin removes all personal data from every item we receive.

How do I get my items to CELLTRADEin?

CELLTRADEin shipping is always FREE. You will receive an email with a pre-paid shipping label that you are to print and attach to your package You can then drop it off at any UPS store. There's no need to wait i line!

How do you decide what to offer?

CELLTRADEin researches and determines the current market value for your device. Prices change all the time and they never go up so it is to your advantage to accept our offers the day you get them.

How long does it take for me to get paid?

CELLTRADEin will send a check and/or PayPal® payment the SAME DAY we get your phone. That's why we are the fastest.

What if I find a higher offer?

We know our market and we offer you the highest price. If you find a higher price, we will match it. That is how confident you can be that you are getting the most for your device at CELLTRADEin.

Does CELLTRADEin buy in bulk?

Absolutely. Please drop us an email if you have more than 5 phones and an Account Manager will contact you right away.