Established in Chicago in 2008, CELLTRADEin offers the highest payout for your new and used cell phone and tablet device. With our inGuaranteeâ„¢, we offer the opportunity to beat any offer out there. Even if your device is broken, cracked, water damaged, or just acting strange, you can still get cash!

What puts CELLTRADEin ahead of the rest of our competitors' is our:

  • inGUARANTEEâ„¢
  • Physical Locations
  • Quick Processing
  • Instant Offer Form
  • Referral Program


We have headquarters in the United States and Europe.That way, regardless of your location,your cell phone gets to us fast and you get your money faster!

Referral Program

If you refer a friend or family member to CELLTRADEin, you are rewarded $10!

Quick Processing

The time it takes from when you first enter our website, to the time you have cash in your hands is only up to 7 business days, twice as fast as our competitors! You also get to choose your perferred payment method! We can send you money via Money Gram, wire transfer, Paypal, Google Checkout, or company check. Your money is sent within 48 hours of processing your device.


We GUARANTEE that you will receive the HIGHEST offer for your cell phone. If you can find a higher offer, we will match that offer, and add $10.